Our Broker focuses on areas where its specializations can guarantee its clients added value. Our professionals elaborate both treaty programs and various other alternative plans on differing branches such as Property, Cassualty, Marine, Energy, Aviation, etc.
Porportional and
non-proportional treaties
From traditional excess of loss to protect retentions, to proportional bussinesses that reduce capital exposure until Stop Loss, our professionals design project-specific structures according to the needs of each insurer.
Binders and Fac-ob
Given the fact that we understand the necessities derived from the positioning of small
and medium risks exceeding automatic capacities by type or sum, we structure specialized programmes to offer automatization, thus improving capacity and reducing
administrative load.
While we're present in every line of bussiness, our contact with the market's main operators gives us as interesting level of specialization in energy, aviation and marine cargo and hull.
Organization and administration of captive reinsurance brokers
Brought to life by the vital need of reinsurance entities that, already incorporated into the dynamics of reinsurance, pretend to upgrade their structures into a more sofisticated form, while at the same time maximizing their benefits and reducing reinsurance costs.

We're proud to point out this instrument boosts capacities and prices by volume, thus opening up new alternatives for both local and international investment.
Administrartion outsourcing
Nowadays, it's becoming ever more cost-efficient to forward administration tasks that bring important costs and bureaucratic delays to third-party professionals.
Run-off and cut-off administration
Clauses aside - and by those referring to the specifics forcing an agreement between the factions, and the liquidation of pending casualty reserves in certain amounts - there are other circumstances. A clear example can be found in the ceasing in the subscription of certain risks that forces entities to make these sorts of operations. The finished product as regards technical, legal, market, and risk knowledge is invaluable when considering the necessity to obtain successful transactions.
Human resources training
Staff qualification is vital for a directive's resources, and a proper layout should keep its key objectives in mind: situational and technical training that can meet day-to-day issues with precision and resourcefulnes.
Outstanding losses & reserve auditing
Reinsurance companies imperiously need the most precise evaluation - made by professionals who are independent of the pending casualties reserve - in order to balance and evaluate their balance in real figures, and not mere numbers, and therefore truly understand their current contingency.

Our service offers are a product of your necessity, and can therefore be as wide and dynamic as the challenges to face.
Insurance company economic-financial analysis
This tool defines, based on differing economic and financial indicators, an insurance entity's specific situation at any given moment.
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